Make 2018 Your Best Riding Year Yet road trip

Make 2018 Your Best Riding Year Yet

Whether you had just bought your first bike or your tenth, 2017 was a great year for riding. Bike World with Bike Devil had a lot of fun bringing you the best of all the latest news and action on two wheels. For the start of the new year they wanted to give you some pointers on how you can make 2018 your best riding year yet.

Make 2018 Your Best Riding Year: Go on a bike trip with friends

Go on a bike trip with a friend(s)

This is number one for us, because it’s some of the best times you’ll have on two wheels. Going out on a biking trip with a good mate (or a group) is a must. Whatever you budget or time constraints with work, try and organise a trip, be it a weekend or a week long. Go abroad. Or don’t. There’s plenty of places to check out that look way better from the saddle.

Share in the thrills and drink in the scenery as you hurtle through awesome new landscapes. Stop along the way to eat and drink to your heart’s content.

Camp out our stay in luxury; plan it however your budget demands, but be sure to prep with the essentials like those all-important tool-kits. Something is bound to go wrong, but it’s all part of the experience.

Make sure to take lots of pictures, and share them with us on Instagram! @bikeworldtvshow

Pro Tips:

Try checking out a downloadable route planner like Calimoto, that uses mapping algorithms to find you the best windy roads for great riding.

If you haven’t got a Bluetooth headset, we’d recommend getting one for the long miles Senna’s range are the top of the line, but they are a bit pricey. For 2018 though there’s a few deals around on older units as new stock flows in.

Make 2018 Your Best Riding Year: Go and watch a proper race


Go and watch a proper race

If you love motorcycles, you have to get out and watch a proper professional race. Experiencing the sights and sounds of top-level motorcycle racing in person is priceless, and with Valentino Rossi nearing the end of his racing career, this might be the last chance to see him battle against Marc Marquez, Andrea Dovizioso, Dani Pedros, Johann Zarzo and company.


Learn a new riding skill

Don’t really know what line to take on a corner or how to get your knee down? Try out a track day!

We recently had a go at the level one and two of the California Super Bike School UK. If you want to learn how to ride on track and improve on road riding, there’s no better place.

Spend most of your time on paved roads? Get out on the dirt for an MX experience day. The Ady Smith KTM Enduro Experience Off-road School is hard to beat for a true off-road challenge.


Learn essential motorcycle maintenance

This one is probably the most important skill to have as a rider, and it is also too often neglected. New riders can find it a little overwhelming when faced with how much there is to maintain on a motorcycle. From wheel alignment and tire pressure to oil filter changing and spark plugs, there’s a lot that can go wrong. Don’t keep up on your key maintenance checks and you are going to sour your riding, or worse, wreck your precious baby (and yourself).

Whatever your skill level , and however unhandy you think yourself, go and check out a basic motorcycle maintenance course, or at least spend some time with a buddy who knows his stuff.

Get down to the basic preventative checks (oil, tires, rotors, brake shoes). Taking care of your bike isn’t impossible if you have the right tools and resources. Have a look through Cyclepedia, it’s a great online resource for training videos and service manual.

Don’t have the space or a garage to do your checks? Bug your mate for some time in his garage. The more you know about your bike, the less of a bill will hit you in short and long run.


Ride as many different bikes as possible

If you’ve got some money to spare, or like most of us, all your funds end up going into bikes, think about trying a new model and brand this year. If you always stick with one manufacturer, have a go at another, or if you tend towards a certain riding style, have a go mixing it up on something else. Never ridden a sports bike cause you think they are over the top? Have a go on one, you might just change your mind.

If you can’t afford to buy a new bike, think about getting insurance that covers you for riding multiple bikes. If you have good friends who are very trusting, you can always have a crack on their ride. Be sure to take it easy. Every bike handles differently and you’re liable to junk it if you don’t respect it. Treat it right though and it will you an appreciation of why some of us ride certain styles over others. More respect equals less cussing each other out, which equals happier bikers.

Make 2018 Your Best Riding Year: Attend a custom motorcycle show

Attend custom motorcycle show

Even if you aren’t into the custom motorcycle scene, you can’t deny brilliance of some of the craftsmanship on display, not to mention the influence it’s having on the motorcycle industry.

You might all disagree about what should go where and what it should look like, but in the end, being surrounded by a bunch of enthusiasts is always a good time, even if you just want to poke fun at people who put knobbly tires on road bikes that never touch a dirt track in their lives.

Whatever your preference, you’re sure to find bikes that will resonate with you. And who kows, you might find someone who has your same tastes, so you can have a moan with them.


Add that modification you’ve been looking at

There are very few people who buy motorcycles and don’t in some way change them to suit their style of riding or personal preferences.

If you’re yet to add those bar end mirrors, or upgrade those brake pads you’ve been meaning to, 2018 is the year to do it. Sometimes the simplest of mods can improve your riding experience tenfold. If you don’t believe it , check out Bike World’s review of a custom Yamaha MT-10 vs a stock MT-SP.


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