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Cummins delivers with second win at the MCE Ulster Grand Prix


Manx rider takes Supersport victory as McLean claims maiden international win in the Supertwins


Conor Cummins took his first victory since 2009 at the MCE Ulster Grand Prix today as the first races got underway in damp conditions at Dundrod.


The Padgett’s Honda rider led from the first lap to win the Lisburn & Castlereagh Supersport race from McAdoo Kawasaki’s Adam McLean and Silicone Engineering’s Dean Harrison.


Speaking in parc ferme after the race, Cummins commented:


“The bike was faultless. We made a tyre choice right from the off and stuck with it, and I think experience counted for a lot there. The Padgett’s team and myself have been round here a lot so I’m well happy. The bike was perfect.”


“It’s nice to be back on the top step here after all these years. It wasn’t an easy race as the first two or three laps were pretty ding dong but I just got my head down and got into a rhythm, keeping it as smooth as possible.”


The race followed an earlier outing for the Supertwin class, after Clerk of the Course Noel Johnston made an adjustment to the schedule following some heavy downpours around Dundrod.


That DGH Recovery Services Supertwin race was one to remember for Magherafelt’s Adam McLean, who claimed his maiden international roads win after a close battle with Christian Elkin. Third place went to Ian Lougher, making his first return to the MCE Ulster Grand Prix since 2013, and the 55 year-old recorded what’s thought to be his 51st podium at Dundrod.


Speaking after the race, McLean immediately dedicated that to his fallen teammate James Cowton, who sadly lost his life earlier this year at the Southern 100.


“It’s nice. First international road race win sounds good but I’d like to dedicate that to James. Conditions were tricky out there but hopefully we can get out in the next couple of races and get as good a start as that again.”


In the final session of the day, the Belfast International Airport Ultra-lightweight / Lightweight race, Christian Elkin built on his earlier podium with another dominant win in the Ultra-lightweight class, finishing ahead of an emotional Michal Dokoupil on the Ariane Moto3 machine and Nigel Moore on his Moto3 Honda.


The Belfast International Airport Lightweight race meanwhile, was won by Neil Kernohan, who came home eight seconds ahead of Shaun Anderson on the CB Racing Honda and Darryl Tweed on his M&D Racing Honda.


In the earlier practice sessions, it was Dean Harrison who claimed Supersport pole position and Cummins set the first 134mph lap of the year to take Superbike pole. Roads close at 9.30am on Saturday with a full schedule of racing planned.


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DGH Recovery Supertwins race


  1. Adam McLean, Roy Hanna Motors
  2. Christian Elkin, Dynocentre NI (+5.716)
  3. Ian Lougher, Team ILR (+38.384)
  4. Michael Sweeney, Kiely Heating Racing (+39.491)
  5. Davey Todd, Kramer Motorcycles (+38.573)


Lisburn & Castlereagh City Council Supersport race


  1. Conor Cummins, Padgett’s Honda
  2. Adam McLean, McAdoo Kawasaki (+8.177)
  3. Dean Harrison, Silicone Engineering (+13.208)
  4. Davey Todd, Cookstown BE Racing (+15.668)
  5. Peter Hickman, Smiths Racing BMW (+27.607)


Belfast International Airport Ultra-lightweight race


  1. Christian Elkin, Bob Wylie Racing
  2. Michal Dokoupil, Ariane Moto3 (+31.617)
  3. Nigel Moore, Honda Moto3 (+1.10.459)
  4. Melissa Kennedy, K.N.R. Moto3 (+1.12.203)
  5. Lorenzo Tiveron, Honda 125 (+1.13.129)


Belfast International Airport Lightweight race


  1. Neil Kernohan, Logan Racing
  2. Shaun Anderson, CB Racing (+8.175)
  3. Darryl Tweed, M&D Racing (+29.344)
  4. Stephen Morrison, NAB Racing (+35.500)
  5. Gareth Keys, Keys Racing (+35.654)


Harrison takes an early lead in MCE Ulster Grand Prix practice


Silicone Engineering racer tops Superbike and Supersport sessions ahead of Hickman and Cummins



Bradford racer Dean Harrison led the way in both Superbike and Supersport practice at the MCE Ulster Grand Prix today, as the action got underway at a dry Dundrod.


The 29 year-old clocked a 132.451mph lap in the day’s final session, which combined the Superbike and Superstock classes, putting him ahead of the 131mph laps from Peter Hickman and Conor Cummins. The time came on the last of his 14 laps, in what was an impressive stint on the Kawasaki ZX-10R Superbike.


Rising star Davey Todd came close to breaking the 130mph barrier on the Cookstown BE Racing Suzuki in fourth, followed by Davo Johnson, steady away on his Tyco BMW debut.


The session was disrupted following a red flag, brought out after an incident at Lougher’s. Organisers later confirmed that Derek McGee and Seamus Elliott were being treated for suspected broken bones, but there was little change to the placings after the restart.


In the Superstock class it was roles reversed as Hickman came out on top, 2.5 seconds ahead of Harrison, Derek McGee, Todd and Cummins.


The Supersport session meanwhile was hotly contested, with Harrison’s 125.438mph lap putting him just 0.398 ahead of Cummins, who was in turn 0.629 in front of Hickman on the Trooper Triumph by Smiths Racing. As expected, the three have been the early pace setters.


The top five in the Supertwins session was McGee, Adam McLean, Daniel Cooper, Christian Elkin and Dominic Herbertson, but with McGee set to miss the remainder of the meeting it’s looking likely there will be two close races on Thursday and Saturday. McLean is looking for his first international road race win, while Cooper will be hoping to go one better than last year, when he was pipped at the post by Ivan Lintin.


Ian Lougher, making his return to Dundrod this year onboard his own ILR Paton, finished ninth, but things didn’t quite go as smoothly as planned for the 18-time winner:


“It’s been really good to get back out there but we had a little bit of a problem as the clutch was slipping, so we just had to persevere and then pull in a little early. I think I got about five laps in in the end and there’s only this one practice session, so I’ll just give it my best and make sure we enjoy it. This is definitely one of my favourite circuits though, or probably the favourite. I have to say it’s like I’ve never been away.”


Top five results for all sessions are included below.


Roads close at 10am on Thursday, with practice sessions followed by the first races for the MCE Ulster Grand Prix.


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Practice results for Wednesday 8th August at the MCE Ulster Grand Prix


Circle K Airport Road Service Station Superbike race – First qualifying


  1. Dean Harrison, Silicone Engineering – 132.451mph
  2. Peter Hickman, Smyths Racing BMW – 131.921mph
  3. Conor Cummins, Padgett’s Honda – 131.745mph
  4. Davey Todd, Cookstown BE Racing – 129.648mph
  5. David Johnson, Tyco BMW – 129.605mph


Lisburn & Castlereagh City Council Superstock race – First qualifying


  1. Peter Hickman, Smyths Racing BMW – 131.143mph
  2. Dean Harrison, Silicone Engineering – 129.600mph
  3. Derek McGee, NJ Doyne / McGee Racing – 129.248mph
  4. Davey Todd, Cookstown BE Racing – 128.655mph
  5. Conor Cummins, Padgett’s Honda – 128.484mph


Centra Whitemountain Supersport race – First qualifying


  1. Dean Harrison, Silicone Engineering – 125.438mph
  2. Conor Cummins, Padgett’s Honda – 125.203mph
  3. Peter Hickman, Trooper by Smyths Racing – 124.834mph
  4. Derek McGee, NJ Doyne / McGee Racing – 124.431mph
  5. Adam McLean, McAdoo Racing – 123.454mph


DGH Recovery / Maxwell Freight Supertwins race – First qualifying


  1. Derek McGee, KMR Kawasaki / EG Racing – 118.580mph
  2. Adam McLean, Roy Hanna Motors – 116.715mph
  3. Daniel Cooper, KW Electrical / CMS – 116.213mph
  4. Christian Elkin, Dynocentre NI – 115.280mph
  5. Dominic Herbertson, WH Racing – 113.084mph


Belfast International Airport Ultra-lightweight race – First qualifying


  1. Derek McGee, Joey’s Bar – 107.415mph
  2. Christian Elkin, Bob Wylie Racing – 105.410mph
  3. Paul Robinson, CB Racing – 103.407mph
  4. Michal Dokoupil – 101.317mph
  5. Chris Meyer – 100.465mph


Belfast International Airport Lightweight race – First qualifying


  1. Neil Kernohan, Logan Racing – 108.813mph
  2. Stephen Morrison, NAB Racing – 106.854mph
  3. Lee Johnston, Padgett’s Honda – 106.697mph
  4. Gareth Keys, Keys Racing – 104.170mph
  5. Joey Thompson, Thompson’s Racing – 100.884mph