Yamaha Buy Patents For Three-Wheeler Technologies From Norwegian Firm

Yamaha Buy Patents For Three-Wheeler Technologies From Norwegian Firm

Yamaha has purchased patents relating to three wheel motorcycle technology from a small Norwegian firm, Brudeli Tech Holding AS.

Yamaha Buy Patents For Three-Wheeler Technologies 2018
Yamaha Buy Patents For Three-Wheeler Technologies from Norwegian Firm

The move is further evidence that Yamaha are dedicating significant time and resource to their development of the Niken platform.

The Brudeli machines are capable of leaning at severe angles for aggressive cornering on road and off, but it isn’t yet clear why the Japanese firm has decided to buy the patents.

From the images it appears the front suspension setup is less bulky than Yamaha’s current four fork tube setup on the Niken, and possibly, may be less expensive to manufacture.

The following was conducted in the press release from Brudeli:

Brudeli Tech Holding AS have completed the sale of the patents known from the Leanster vehicles Brudeli 654L and 625L. The buyer is Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd., Japan which is a world class leading motorcycle and powersport manufacturer.

“I see this as an incredible honour that Yamaha have decided to acquire this technology that we started to develop here in Norway” says Geir Brudeli, inventor and owner of Brudeli Tech Holding AS. He also states that: “Knowing the competence, knowledge and passion of Yamaha it will be exciting to see their future products.”

The history of the Norwegian company Brudeli Tech Holding AS goes all the way back to 2001 and the concept vehicle was unveiled at the EICMA 2005 at a time before this new and growing market of leaning vehicles with two wheels in the front was established.

A very competent group of partners and investors did contribute from the very early years. A large thanks to all of them.

Since 2010 a major part of the day to day business have also been to provide mechanical and mechatronic design consultant services to a major automative system supplier.

Brudeli Tech is located at Eiker NaeringsparkĀ http://eikernaeringspark.no/, an indsutrial estate which is continuously modernised and growing. Eiker Naeringspark was founded by entrepreneur Svein Rust who also was a mentor and investor in Brudeli Tech in the start-up phase.