Without doubt one of the most popular bikes for the last decade, the BMW GS has dominated the sales charts in pretty much every country it’s sold in. It rose to fame in what many bikers view as the perfect storm.

Rising insurance rates for sports bikers, coupled with a growing social stigma with regards speed meant that sports bikers were looking for something else to get their teeth into by the end of the nineties

When Charlie Boorman and Ewan McGregor rode around the world in 2004, it was on a pair of BMW GS Adventures, the resulting Long Way Round tv show fired the boxer twin mile muncher to stardom. The fact that the bike is so good is what’s kept it at the top for so long.

Ove the fifteen years since then, the GS has had a few upgrades, mostly to suit the usually wealthy and slightly older target market. For 2019, the GS Adventure has a Shift Cam motor, a high tech method of achieving strict emissions regulations as well as adding power and torque. We hit the roads and trails in Spain to see just how good this new model is and have to say, we were massively impressed. It’s a big tall thing, but once you’re on the move the weight vanishes and you’re left with a playful machine that has pin sharp manners. Multiple riding modes, cruise control, a seamless quickshifter and toasty heated grips all play their part in keeping you focused and comfortable.

Of the many party tricks the GS Adventure has, the thirty litre tank is a stand out feature. It gives the GS Adventure a tank range of nigh on 400 miles. Incredible. You really could do long stints on this bike, such is the comfort. When you get to where you’re heading, you could quite happily stand up on the pegs and hit the trails as well. Don’t be put off by the size, the GS Adventure is a capable bike in the dirt. Of course it’s likely that like most 4×4 cars, most of the GS Adventures sold will only ever have to cope with bumping up the curb outside the local pub. It’s on the road where this bike shines, and with the new Shift Cam motor there’s little chance of it being knocked off the top of the Adventure bike perch anytime soon.

Prices start at £14,415 and stop at £18,100. The more you spend, the better the spec