Brit Aims To Break Youngest Solo Motorcycle Globe Navigation Record In Aid Of Mental Health Charity

Brit Aims To Break Youngest Solo Motorcycle Globe Navigation Record In Aid Of Mental Health Charity

Henry Crew, a twenty-two-year-old British lad, set off this morning from the Bike Shed Motorcycle Club in
Shoreditch on a Guinness world record breaking attempt for youngest person to circumnavigate the
globe solo on a motorcycle.

Henry, who has lost three friends to suicide and has suffered his own battles with mental health, which
he spoke about on BBC3 and Metro’s Weekly podcast, is doing it all in aid of mental health charity

He hopes to raise awareness of mental health issues along with £35,000 (£1 for every mile) for the
Movember Foundation, which raises funds globally for research and support programs in the areas of
prostate cancer, testicular cancer, men’s mental health and suicide prevention.

Speaking on Metro’s Weekly Mental Health podcast, Crew said:
‘Self-harm’s been a massive thing within my friendship group. I’ve had friends who’ve had real issues
with that. ‘I think we’ve all found different ways to self-harm – whether it develops itself through cutting or
abusing alcohol or substances or just generally treating your body like absolute rubbish.’
Henry has talked about how motorcycling has helped with his anxiety and depression.
‘Any time I felt stressed I’d go for a ride,’ he said. ‘When I got into motorbikes and started riding
motorbikes it was an escape for me, a distraction and, yeah, like my happy place.’

Henry’s globe navigation will take approximately 13 months to complete, starting from today when he set
off from the Bike Shed Motorcycle Club in Shoreditch.

To break the world record and name himself the youngest person to complete the journey, Henry will
need to return to the UK by Friday, 10 May 2019. His ride of choice is a Ducati Scrambler Desert Sled.
“I have been planning this journey for eight months and can’t think of a better charity partner for this trip
than Movember. Not only have they created a great community which has existing connections with
motorcycles, but they also fight for causes which are close to my heart – specifically mental health,” he

“I have had my own struggles with mental health, particularly during my time at university and have also
experienced a scary amount of mental health issues within my friendship group.”
From all of us at Bike World, good luck to you mate. You can follow his journey on twitter @35000 miles
or on Instagram @HenryCrews.