Crime Fighting Bikers

Crime Fighting Bikers

Crime Fighting Bikers Begin Patrolling London To Prevent Thefts

A group of motorcyclists have decided enough is enough concerning motorcycle theft in the capital and started a neighbourhood watch style ‘patrol’ in an effort to reduce crime.

The bikers are from all walks of life, riding Harleys to Honda Groms. The group ride around theft hotspots, checking that bikes are secured and actively seeking out criminals.

Their mission was recently highlighted in a BBC video, in which the group argue that the measures are necessary because of how ‘overstretched’ the police are.

Shane McDonald, one of the group, commented: “We all have great respect for the police, but the resources that they have to combat motorcycle theft is zero to none.

“We’re not vigilantes, we don’t think that we’re the law, we’re just here to stop motorcycle theft.”

Scotland Yard, however has warned against those who would try and take on criminals themselves.