George Clooney in moped crash in Sardinia

George Clooney in moped crash in Sardinia

George Clooney, pictured with his wife, Amal, is in Italy filming a TV series based on the novel Catch-22RICH FURY/GETTY IMAGES

George Clooney was taken to hospital in Italy today after he was involved in a road accident while driving a moped and was thrown across a car’s bonnet, breaking its windshield.

The American actor, 57, was bruised in the collision, but was was later released from the hospital near Olbia in Sardinia after a CT scan revealed no broken bones.

Mr Clooney was driving from his rented villa in Punta Aldia to Capo Ceraso, on the Sardinian coast, where he is filming a TV series based on the Second World War novel Catch-22. The accident occurred at Costa Corallina, on a country road.

“The moped hit the car and Clooney sprawled across the bonnet of the car, colliding with the windscreen, which cracked. It was not Clooney’s fault,” said Dario Budroni, a journalist with La Nuova Sardegna, who was at the scene after the accident.

The car involved, a Mercedes estate, was likely being driven by holidaymakers, said the photographer Vanna Sanna, who was at the scene.

Mr Clooney was taken by ambulance to the nearby Giovanni Paolo II hospital, but despite the apparent seriousness of the impact, doctors declared him fit to leave within hours, a hospital spokesman said.

Apart from bruising, he also reportedly suffered a light trauma to the hip and knee. The actor was collected by his wife, the lawyer Amal Clooney.

Mr Clooney, who has been filming in the area and staying at his rented villa since the end of May, owns a home on Lake Como in Italy and married Mrs Clooney in Venice in 2015.

The actor will appear with Hugh Laurie in the series based on Catch-22, the 1961 novel by Joseph Heller about American pilots in Italy during the war.

An old airfield at Venafiorita, near Olbia, has been used during filming.