The Hayabusa Rumour Mill….

The Hayabusa Rumour Mill….

Rumoured 1440cc Suzuki Hayabusa For 2019

There are rumours that the once undisputed Hayabusa is coming back for 2019.

According to reports in several Japanese motorcycle magazines, as well as Italian site Insella – both notably on trend with their predictions – Suzuki is working on a 1440cc Hayabusa for 2019.

The ‘GSX1400R’ Hayabusa is rumoured to debut around the 20th anniversary of the original 1999, 1340cc iteration. The new model is expected to have a new chassis with semi-active suspension and cornering ABS.

Suzuki’s stands were pretty absent of new models this year other than the SV650X, a cafe version of the existing SV650, and Suzuki are yet to update their existing GSX-R600 and GSX-R750 to meet new emissions standards.

It’s no surprise that a new Hayabusa has always been on the cards, with UK Suzuki sources reassuring that the Japanese factory wouldn’t just let a monumental bike like the Hayabusa fall to the wayside.

Back in 2015, Suzuki were already hinting that a new Hayabusa was under consideration, punctuated by the release of the ‘Concept GSX’ image seen above.