Honda Monkey Bike Swings back…

Honda Monkey Bike Swings back…

Honda Monkey Bike Makes Its Grand Return

Honda’s celebrated Monkey bike is finally making its long awaited return. Debuted back in 2016 at the Bangkok Motor Show, the 125cc Honda MSX125 based Monkey bike is now in full production.

Looks wise it’s all monkey, but there are a few key changes here. Firstly, it’s a fair bit bigger than the Z50 Monkey, which finally went out of production last year after a 50-year run.

More importantly though, this one is fully approved for sale in Europe, which means you can pop to your local Honda dealers to pick one up!

As a Euro approved model, the Monkey gets ABS, while the engine is derived from the MSX125. It’s an air-cooled, fuel injected single mated to a four-speed transmission.

All that only makes around 9.25hp, but the handling should be semi-decent, unlike the old monkey. With a 1155mm wheelbase – a good deal longer than the 895mm original Z50 – and upside-down forks and disc brakes, it should be a regular little hoot to commute.

Top it off with a 5.6l fuel tank and 189mpg fuel consumption and you’re able to go around 232 miles between fill-ups. That’s ideal numbers for a city commute and considering how popular the Grom has been, and the increase in retro love, we could be seeing a fair few of these.

Price of course will be the big factor. Since it’s sharing much with the Grom, we would expect it to fall around a similar £3349 price point. Combine that with a decent sub £100 quid price deal and Honda might have a winner.