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Kawasaki Z900

Kawasaki Z900

Since its introduction in late 2016, the middleweight supernaked Z900 has become a sales success, winning over thousands of riders with its no-nonsense attitude, Refined Raw Sugomi design plus willing, responsive riding experience and now there is an A2 variant of the Z900 joining the model line for 2018.

The decision to create an A2 version was logical given the sheer number of riders that this licence category is now applicable to. Equally, dealer comments and customer feedback group results both said the same thing: “Don’t make an A2 bike different, it has to share the same looks, attitude and personality of the current Z900.”

That’s why the 70kW-variant Z900 shares the vast majority of its look and specification with its sibling and the 2018 70kW version carries no badges or markings to set it apart from the full power Z900. It also incorporates the same rider features such as a tuned airbox assembly to deliver a thrilling intake sound, along with assist and slipper clutch technology, a lightweight and responsive tubular trellis chassis plus Kawasaki’s characteristic horizontal back-link suspension.

Because this Z900 is tuned to give a maximum of 70kW in line with the demands of A2 compliance, this version of the Z900 can also be adjusted to provide a maximum of 35kW, again to comply with A2 restrictions and the needs of motorcycle training schools.

Making the switch between 70kW and 35kW is as simple taking the bike to an authorised Kawasaki dealer for an adjustment to the ECU. The adjustment is neither time consuming or irreversible so when the time comes, it is possible to revert to 70kW again via a short visit to the authorised dealer who will also create and update a record of the status of the machine.

Morihiro Ikoma, Director of Kawasaki Motors Europe, said:
“Soon after the Z900 was launched we began work on an A2 compliant version.

“The design brief from potential customers and dealers was a unified voice; keep the look, soul and ethos of the Z900 and create an A2 compliant version to open the world of Refined Raw Z to yet more enthusiastic riders.

“At 948cc this A2 compliant Z900 is bound to become one of the most appealing A2 offerings in the market.”

• Candy Lime Green / Metallic Spark Black
• Pearl Mystic Gray / Metallic Flat Spark Black
• Flat Ebony / Metallic Spark Black
• Candy Persimmon Red / Metallic Spark Black

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Multistrada 1200 Enduro

Multistrada 1200 Enduro

Ducati Globetrotter 90th, the final stages, with the places and people that have created the legend

• The around the world trip with the Multistrada 1200 Enduro will end up in Borgo Panigale on 15 December
• The seventh and final globetrotter has departed from the Isle of Man and will cover the remaining 2000 km of this incredible adventure

Borgo Panigale, Bologna (Italy), 7 December 2016 – Ducati Globetrotter 90th is now in its final exciting phase. Having started in Borgo Panigale on 4 July, the around the world voyage on the Multistrada 1200 Enduro will come to a close on 15 December, with the bike returning to its starting point at the Italian manufacturer’s Bologna-based HQ.
The seventh and final globetrotter is Germany’s Timo Schäfer, who began his journey from the Isle of Man on 5 December. During this last stage of Globetrotter 90th, Schäfer will cover the remaining two thousand kilometres of this incredible adventure, which has involved 30,000 km of riding to some of the symbolic sites that have contributed to the first ninety years of Ducati’s history.
Timo Schäfer, from Karlsruhe in Germany, is 30 years old. A mechanical engineering student, his first motorcycle was a Cagiva Elephant with a Ducati engine. Today a smiling Schäfer confirms: “Clearly Ducati was my destiny all along!” During the final phase of Globetrotter 90th, Schäfer will stop in the city of Canterbury to meet with Paul Smart, who starred in what Ducati considers the most significant win of its history. On 23 April 1972, the first Imola 200 Miles was in fact won by a young, unknown Smart, riding the standard 750 GT; Bruno Spaggiari crossed the line in second place, with the same bike.

Then it’s on to Belgium, where the seventh globetrotter will visit the Spa – Francorchamps racetrack where, in 1958, Alberto Gandossi won on board the 125 Desmo. Timo Schäfer will then continue on to Germany and once in Bavaria, he will visit the Audi Museum in Ingolstadt that, up until 30 April 2017, will house the “More Than Red – Passione Ducati” exhibition, celebrating the motorcycle manufacturer’s 90th anniversary. Lastly, the return to Italy, and to Monza, where long ago on 30 November 1958, the futuristic Ducati Siluro, with a mere 100cc displacement, set 44 world speed records. There is no doubt that Timo Schäfer’s planned meeting with Santo Ciceri, one of the heroes of that day in the late ‘50s, will be a moving one.
After this, Schäfer will head to Florence to see Giuliano Maoggi, born in 1926 and a living legend for Ducati. In 1956, Maoggi won the 4th Motogiro d’Italia on the Gran Sport 100, known as the Marianna, designed by Fabio Taglioni. Having crossed the renowned Futa Pass, the Multistrada 1200 Enduro will arrive in Borgo Panigale on 15 December, thus concluding the epic Globetrotter 90th voyage.

Before the torch and Multistrada were passed on to the German, the final globetrotter, they were entrusted to Englishman Hugo Wilson. The Brit left Lisbon on 17 November and travelled day and night in all conditions, covering almost two thousand kilometres across Portugal, Spain and France before boarding the ship at St. Malo. Having crossed the Channel, Wilson arrived home, where the Multistrada 1200 Enduro was exhibited at Motorcycle Live in Birmingham, Britain’s biggest motorcycle show. Straight after this, the globetrotter travelled to Silverstone, because it was here that Mike Hailwood won two races in two different classes – both on a Ducati – on the same day in 1960. At Donington, the World Superbike temple, Hugh Wilson relived Ducati’s SBK wins right from the very first race of the first championship, or rather 3 April 1988 with Marco Lucchinelli on the newborn 851 SBK.
Lastly, on the Isle of Man, Wilson met with the seventh globetrotter Timo Schäfer. The baton was passed on here because the Isle of Man is a truly evocative setting. Long ago, on 2 June 1978, during the demanding Tourist Trophy, Mike Hailwood, who was 38 at the time and had already retired from racing, scored a victory with the Ducati 900 SS TT IOM that deeply moved the 300,000 spectators, a feat that Ducati would celebrate the following year with the birth of the legendary 900 Mike Hailwood Replica.

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Preview: @DucatiUK 1299 Panigale

Preview: @DucatiUK 1299 Panigale

Preview of the 1299 Panigale S Anniversario at WDW2016

• Casey Stoner and Claudio Domenicali have unveiled the bike that marks Ducati’s 90th anniversary
• Limited edition of 500 bikes with all-new colour scheme and technical content
• The 1299 Panigale S Anniversario, equipped with the new EVO Traction and Wheelie Control, also includes a special track kit
Misano Adriatico (Rimini – Italy), 2 July 2016 – To celebrate its 90th anniversary, the Bologna-based bike manufacturer decided to provide visitors to World Ducati Week 2016 (1-3 July, “Marco Simoncelli” Misano World Circuit) with a special preview of the new 1299 Panigale S Anniversario. The reason for doing so was simply to reward the tens of thousands of Ducatisti who flocked to WDW2016 with a symbolic “gift”. An exclusive bike for an exclusive, knowledgeable and demanding audience. On Saturday evening – during the presentation of the Ducati riders – this audience enjoyed a wonderful preview of the 1299 Panigale S Anniversario on the stage of the Santamonica stadium in Misano Adriatico, presented to them by non other than Casey Stoner. The former MotoGP world champion presented this latest made-in-Bologna gem together with Ducati’s CEO Claudio Domenicali.

The limited-edition 1299 Panigale S Anniversario (just 500 bikes will be made) features an all-new colour scheme and technical content.
Inspiration for the 1299 Panigale S Anniversario’s colours was drawn from Ducati race bikes. Its white, black and Ducati Red fairings perfectly complement its special gold wheels.
Other distinctive features on the 1299 Panigale S Anniversario include its top triple clamp and steering head inserts, both in machined-from-solid aluminium alloy.
Each top triple clamp is unique in that it has been laser-etched with the bike’s unique production number of 500. The steering head inserts shift the front wheel forward 5 mm, giving the same chassis geometry as the incredible Panigale R.. Moreover, a light lithium battery, together with carbon fibre heel guards, rear mudguard and shock absorber cover reduce weight by 2.5 kg.

The electronics on the 1299 Panigale S Anniversario incorporates all-new traction and wheelie control, representing a major evolution of such systems; hence the name Ducati Traction Control (DTC) and Ducati Wheelie Control (DWC) EVO. Both systems maximise performance and active safety on the Italian Superbike.

In addition to the new DTC and DWC EVO, the 1299 Panigale S Anniversario also features Bosch Cornering ABS, which ensures performance and safety whatever the riding conditions, plus Ducati Quick Shift (DQS) for ultra-fast clutchless up and downshifts on both track and road. The twin-cylinder, 1285 cc, 205 hp Superquadro engine features Engine Brake Control (EBC), which optimises vehicle stability under extreme turn-in conditions. The suspension department, instead, offers up Ducati Electronic Suspension (DES) and Öhlins Smart EC; the latter is an event-based control system that processes information about the bike and accordingly uses stepper motors to dynamically adjust the suspension set-up during riding, improving cornering grip, stability, braking, turn-in, handling and riding comfort.

The 1299 Panigale S Anniversario also features TFT (Thin Film Transistor) instrumentation, as well as customizable Ducati Riding Modes (Race, Sport and Wet) that allow the rider to have tailor-made performance.

Like all bikes in the Panigale family, the 1299 Panigale S Anniversario makes excellent use of monocoque frame technology. The compact, enhanced-strength die-cast aluminium monocoque structure features the Superquadro engine as a stressed member of the frame.

To emphasise the sports performance of the 1299 Panigale S Anniversario even further, the bike comes with a racing kit consisting of an Akrapovič Racing exhaust in titanium, billet aluminium mirror blockoff plates, and a cover for the hole created by removing the license-plate holder for track days. Lastly, a battery charger is also provided.

The 1299 Panigale S Anniversario will be available from Ducati Dealerships starting in the second half of July (country specific).

New DTC EVO: maximum safety and performance

DTC EVO, based on entirely new software algorithms, becomes both more precise and consistent in its intervention. It interfaces with the 1299’s Bosch Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU), sensing at all times the bike’s lean angle and using that to judge the required intervention more accurately and so allow an ideal amount of slip for the rear tyre (according to the selected DTC EVO level), providing increased precision. And when the system does intervene, reading the lean angle ensures that it does so consistently and repeatably in the same riding conditions.

Furthermore, DTC EVO adds the ability to intervene on the butterfly valves in the motorcycle’s throttle bodies, in addition to altering spark advance and fuel injection. Under conditions in which high-speed intervention of the DTC EVO system is unnecessary, closing of the butterfly valves allows the system to manage traction while maintaining optimal combustion parameters, resulting in smoother intervention and engine response.

On a simple traction control system, when tyre slip is sensed the system intervenes to control it. As the tyre grips again and slippage stops, the system reduces its intervention until slippage occurs again, and the cycle repeats. This results in a graph of system intervention that, viewed in detail, shows oscillation around a theoretical “line of perfect intervention” which is the precise limit of traction:

DTC EVO reduces the magnitude of these oscillations to bring system intervention closer to this line of perfect intervention:

This is especially advantageous under conditions of varying traction, such as the changes in rear tyre grip as it is consumed.

In addition to this increased precision of intervention, when set at level “1” DTC EVO adds a new functionality, allowing a rider to control the bike at a level formerly available to only the most advanced riders and professional racers. While the bike is leaned over in a turn, the rider can use the throttle to dial-in additional rear-wheel slip beyond the “normal” level of intervention – thus further pivoting the motorcycle around its front wheel, and closing the trajectory of the turn. DTC EVO in level 1 allows this pivot to occur, effectively allowing rear-wheel steering with active traction control.

By increasing consistency and precision of intervention, and opening up a whole new way of adjusting the bike’s dynamic behaviour, DTC EVO gives the 1299 Panigale S Anniversario maximum cornering performance and acceleration with the highest level of safety.

Complementing the DTC system is DWC EVO, which uses information on the 1299’s pitch from the Bosch IMU to control front wheel lift and allow maximum acceleration in safety. Using entirely new software, DWC EVO more accurately detects the occurrence and severity of wheelies and intervenes to control them with a high degree of robustness and precision.

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Ducati UK announce launch of new 848 EVO

Ducati UK announce launch of new 848 EVO

Ducati UK announce launch of new 848 EVO 

140hp engine enhancement, new steering damper and Monobloc brakes for 2011 848 EVO

The 2011 848 EVO now further enhances Ducatis most impressive lightweight Superbike ever with more power from the Testastretta engine and more braking power from Brembo’s incredible Monobloc brake technology combining to provide an even more exciting way to enter the world of Ducati Superbikes.

The “EVO” treatment applied to the 848 introduces a 6hp power boost to 140hp (103kW) and a torque increase to 72.3lb-ft (98Nm) that results in a razor-sharp and easy-to-use power delivery while the combination of the 848s legendary (168kg) chassis set-up and planet-stopping Brembo Monobloc brakes gives unthinkable braking performances most can only dream of.

In pursuit of perfection, Ducati engineers have listened to passionate owners of the 848 Superbike since its delivery in 2008 and now enhance its specifications to deliver impressive performances whether riding through mid-town traffic or racing through track-day competition.

Iconic features from the World Championship-winning machines, such as the twin under-seat silencers, single-sided swingarm, Trellis frame, beautiful race bodywork and steering damper, are all part of the 848s DNA. Its family resemblance assures that it is equipped with all the performance advancements of the Superbike family, while adding its own particular character and style.

The early arrival of the 2011 848 EVO will see bikes available to order from 20th July 2010, with demo bikes arriving at dealers by end of July and customer orders shipped within September.

The 848 EVO Dark Stealth and 848 EVO will be available at the same price as the outgoing 848 range including the traditional colour of Ducati red with red frame and black wheels and introducing the stunning new “dark stealth” with racing black frame and black wheels.

•    848 EVO Dark Stealth – £9,995
•    848 EVO – £10,695

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CBR1000RR takes second Sportsbike of the Year award in succession

CBR1000RR takes second Sportsbike of the Year award in succession


Honda Fireblade Scoops Award for Second Year Running


CBR1000RR takes second Sportsbike of the Year award in succession


Honda (UK) Motorcycles has won top honours with the prestigious Fast Bikes’ Sportsbike of the Year Award for the second successive year, with its legendary CBR1000RR Fireblade, despite stiff competition from several newcomers to the supersport sector.


The award – which is now in its eighth year – gave 10 machines a thorough testing, which took in 3000 miles on both road and track work. All machines were exhaustively put through their paces for three days on the roads of North Wales before a hard session on track at the Anglesey circuit. After one of the most complete tests ever, one bike emerged victorious – Honda’s CBR1000RR Fireblade.


Richard Newland, Fast Bikes’ editor said, “Honda’s phenomenal Fireblade retains its 2008 title in virtually unchanged form, an incredible achievement in the face of stunning competition from the new Yamaha YZF-R1 and Suzuki’s GSX-R1000 in the litre class alone. It underlines what a devastatingly capable bike Honda has built.”


Commenting on the Fireblade, Fast Bike’s road-tester and British Superbikes racer Al Fagan said, “The ‘Blade rules again, even against the stifling competition. Why? Because it’s the best at everything, with a stunning mix of road and track talent. It’s the most versatile sportsbike in existence and the first Sportsbike of the Year to regain its title without any significant changes.”


Since its introduction last year, the latest generation CBR1000RR Fireblade has come top in RiDE Magazine’s RiDER Power survey and taken the 2008 Metzeler National Superstock 1000 title in almost standard trim, as well as winning a host of other awards.

But it all should come as no surprise, as Honda’s astounding CBR1000RR Fireblade has been a winner in the showrooms and on the track since it first appeared back in 1992 in CBR900RR form. Over the last 17 years the machine has been constantly developed and further refined to give discerning sportsbike riders the ultimate race-replica for the road. This year’s CBR1000RR comes with an optional Combined ABS system, making it the first ever supersport machine to feature such technology to make riding a sports bike on the road even safer, while keeping the Blade’s performance edge sharp.


The Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade is available now from £9,221 (on the road) for the standard version, to £10,721 for the C-ABS-equipped machine.


For further information about any of Honda’s great range of scooters, off-road machine or road bikes, genuine parts, accessories, latest offer and forthcoming events, visit your local dealer whoncan be found using the ‘Dealer Search’ facility within the motorcycles section of or by calling 0845 200 8000.





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First of Hondas 2010 Motorcycle Model Range Announced

First of Hondas 2010 Motorcycle Model Range Announced

First of Honda’s 2010 Motorcycle Model Range Announced


All-new CRF250R and updated CRF450R off-road machines coming



Honda (UK) Motorcycles can announce the first of its exciting 2010 line-up, with the debut of the all-new CRF250R and updated CRF450R off-road machines.


Honda’s punchy CRF250R has received a full revision for 2010, equipping the machine with the capabilities for continued dominance on Supercross and Motocross tracks around the world with now even more power, coupled with a lighter weight chassis and enhanced handling.


The new CRF250R will be equipped with the advanced fuel-injection system from the 2009 CRF450R, which delivers a wider spread of power with improved delivery, mated to a lighter single-muffler exhaust system. The injection system has been adapted to suit the smaller capacity machine and it automatically adjusts fuel flow and ignition timing to the varying environments the CRF250R may find itself in. Pistons are made from a new, more durable material, while valve springs are made from the same material used in Honda’s RC211V MotoGP machine. A new radiator keeps the 249.4cc liquid-cooled four-stroke cool whilst new gear ratios also ensure optimum drive.


Power is nothing without control, and the new frame and suspension provide the perfect balance over any surface. The chassis incorporates a lower engine mount position for a lower centre of gravity, while a longer swingarm provides stability during hard acceleration. The overall dimensions give the new CRF250R a slightly longer overall wheelbase for increased traction, offset by sharper steering geometry for improved cornering. Front forks are revised to feature a larger-diameter slider that provides a more compliant ride, whatever the conditions. The rear suspension unit is also now lighter, with a new layout for improved mass centralisation. Setting off the radical styling is the Extreme Red colour scheme with white number plate and side covers.


The 250’s bigger brother, the CRF450R, has also received some updates to keep it ahead of the chasing pack. At the heart of the CRF450R, new ECU programming and fuel-injection settings improve throttle response even further, while the 449.7cc liquid-cooled motor also benefits from a new engine auto-decompressor system for easier kick-starting. Further revisions include the HRC fuel-injection tool now able to be attached without removing the tank and new seals on the front forks with improved valving and oil quantity to give a more planted feel and provide a smoother ride across rough terrains. Meanwhile, the rear shock now features an updated piston and a re-designed compression adjuster for improved damping.


The CRF450R will be available from Honda (UK) Motorcycle Dealers from September, with the all-new CRF250R available just a month later from October. Prices will be announced closer to this time.


For further information about any of Honda’s great range of scooters, off-road machines or road bikes, genuine parts, accessories, latest offers and forthcoming events, visit your local dealer who can be found using the ‘Dealer Search’ facility within the motorcycles section of or by calling 0845 200 8000.


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Ducati – A Monster…..

Ducati – A Monster…..




“Monster, masculine singular:  prodigy, marvel, miraculous.”

The term Monster, derived from the Latin Monstrum, essentially describes a divine sign, a marvel, something exceptional . The monster, in its original sense, is the unexpected appearance, manifestation or exhibition of something extraordinary, that violates nature and that serves as a warning or omen to mankind. The foreboding inspires a sense of wonder and of stupor and it is for this reason that the term Monster is often chosen in the worlds of music, cinema, fashion and art. (Translation of the Zanichelli phraseology dictionary definition)


From its very first appearance at Cologne’s International Motorcycle Show in 1992, the Ducati Monster was immediately noted for its character, originality and innovativeness. It was strange, essential, rebellious and unlike anything seen before, but it did not take long for this concept to become truly iconic, a trend-setter that would create a new segment in the market.


The Ducati philosophy of “less is more” was immediately up against the rest of the motorcycling world. Right in a period in which lines were becoming tighter, aerodynamic, more technical and orientated towards the racing style, the Monster arrived and launched its campaign, going in the opposite direction to the competition. Thus a multi-faceted bike was born, able to establish itself with its individuality, personality and performance.


The radical style of the Monster was the source of inspiration for the entire two-wheeled sector and for all lovers of personalisation. On roads across the world it is difficult to find two Ducati Monsters that are totally identical. Its innovative look has inspired the creation of further models by other manufacturers but after all, as proved by the old adage, “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.”


Today there are more than 200,000 Monsters in circulation worldwide, each one unique, each with its own clearly defined personality… each with its own “colour”.


The Monster is characterised by a long and successful history, by its introduction during the years of numerous cylinders and uncountable colour options, but above all by a constant technological evolution that this year brings us to the birth of two new versions: the Monster 696 and the Monster 1100, representative of a new era of Monster!


The design concept of “less is morehas been implemented and emphasised even further with the new generation of Monster. Every single element of the chassis and engine has been reworked in fine detail and the essence of the naked has been interpreted to perfection like never before.






Riding a Monster isn’t simply a choice, but a complete lifestyle, an extension of your personality, emphasised by your decision to ride such an iconic bike that is characterised by style, performance and technology.


As proved by its history, the Monster has always been the Ducati machine that most inspires and stimulates the art of personalisation. Designers, artists, actors, singers and, above all, bike fans from all over world have found the Monster to be a source of inspiration for the creation of their very own “two-wheeled work of art”.


There have been many occasions on which people have traced the link between the Monster and art. Just one example is the central role that the Monster has played in prestigious international art exhibitions such as “The Art of the Motorcycle” held at New York’s Guggenheim Museum in 1998, as well as other important appearances that have reinforced its potential and credibility, also from an artistic point of view.


Each occasion has provided the opportunity to emphasis the “status of art” of the Monster, and it was no accident that, in 2008, the MACBA, Barcelona’s Museum of Modern Art, was selected as the location for the international press presentation of the Monster 696.


Spontaneous shows dedicated to the interpretation and personalisation of the Monster are countless, with news of competitions, exhibitions and “customisations” of every kind arriving from all over the world, filling the pages of important sector and lifestyle magazines. In the last year alone, the Ducati Monster has been the subject of international competitions, like that organised by American dealers, the “Dealer Art Contest USA” or like the “Design Contest” in Japan where creativity and fantasy unite with art, giving life to some incredibly appealing and striking designs.


At the end of February 2009 the Monster was also studied and evaluated as part of the project that Puma and Ducati developed in collaboration with the well-known “Central Saint Martins College” in London. The project consisted of a competition in which student grants were awarded to those young designers that best interpreted and personalised three Monster 696 bikes, with the winners and their designs presented to the public and press at a dedicated show held during London Fashion Week


Ducati is also proud to have several partners, such as Puma, Alfa Romeo and Sandisk, who have all made their individual contributions, producing limited editions of personalised Monsters, and thereby linking their brand to this brilliant icon of “Made in Italy” design.


The realisation of this phenomenon, that in sixteen years has seen the Monster receive worldwide acclaim as a symbol of “coolness” and modernity, has pushed Ducati to institutionalise a project that can celebrate and highlight the great artistic potential of this bike.


Monster ART stems from the great wealth of experience and enormous potential possessed by this jewel of mechanics and style, a machine that inspires a creativity and free expression which, without a shadow of a doubt, can only be defined as art.


Monster ART allows for free expression and is born out of the circle of artistic and creative development that surrounds the world of the Monster. A “container” open to all and into which ideas and creative concepts can be poured, the Monster acting as inspirational muse for the multi-faceted world of art.


The first step of the project is intuitive and easy to interpret: colour





“Colour therapy” represents the first stage of the Monster ART project.


Colour is the first sign of personalisation and artistic interpretation. To express creativity by using a different chromatic shade is to render a product or a situation more personal, closer to the lifestyle of the individual.


It is also true that a colour can be instrumental or even therapeutic. Colour Therapy is often suggested as a way to see a different version of reality: to understand looks, perceive sensations or interpret reality by using a coloured filter.


Colour Therapy is thus the first part of Monster ART, the first step towards formalising the close link that exists between this bike and art, yet another opportunity to personalise and characterise this “status symbol”, its essentiality, its brilliance and its rebellious nature; a symbol that for more than sixteen years has played an indisputable central role in the daily life of the “Ducatista.”


The initiative is launched on April 21st with the activation of a special online configurator at with which you can “paint” the Monster in the 13 possible shades in order to choose your favourite. Once you have selected your preference, you need only to visit your local Ducati Store and create your own “Monster 696 ART”


The 10 “Monster ART Kits” will allow all Monster owners to be able to change the colour of their bike whenever they want, personalising it as they wish with a classic or more trendy shade. Changing the colour of the bike couldn’t be simpler: in just 10 minutes the Monster can be totally transformed.


The new colours, created to satisfy the needs and tastes of all Ducati lovers, from youngsters to the female market, will have a limited lifespan, as the Monster ART project foresees the periodical updating of the colour range, thanks to the development of new shades and graphics, giving free reign to creativity and fantasy.


Ducati is the first motorcycle manufacturer to offer so many different colour options for one single model.


Of course, changing the colour of your Monster is only the first step towards personalising it and, thanks to the wide range of Ducati accessories, your bike can now be transformed into a totally unique object, a true work of art.




  1. “Rosso GP” Red
  2. “Verde Tricolore” Green
  3. “Giallo Ducati” Yellow
  4. “Lilla Glamour” Lilac
  5. “Blu Italia” Blue
  6. “Azzurro Mediterranei” Azure-Blue
  7. “Arancione Scrambler” Orange
  8. “Amaranto Glossy” Rich Purple
  9. “Argento Vivo” Silver
  10. “Oro Puro” Gold

Indicative of fire, joy, celebration and passion. For the American Indians red signifies joy and fertility, for Ducati it represents the adrenalin of racing. Red is the sign of life and of heat. Red heats the body and renders people loquacious, open, caring, passionate: it is perfect for those who want to immerse their Monster 100% in the world of Ducati racing.

The colour of nature, of vegetation, representative of life. It is the colour of harmony, of hope, of balance and of renewal. It is a neutral shade, relaxing, that favours reflexion and calm. It is ideal for those who, in the chaos of the city, want to enjoy their Monster in peace.

The colour of the sun, and so representative of expansion. To choose yellow is to go in search of the new, of change, of freedom – all important things for a Ducati Monster owner. Synonymous with vivaciousness, extroversion, light, growth and change, it stimulates attention and learning and sharpens the mind and concentration. Yellow is one of the traditional Ducati colours.

A synonym of intelligence, knowledge, sobriety and the fashionable colour of 2009 The colour with the greatest frequency and the highest energy levels in the colour spectrum. It is representative of love and kindness. Used in chromo therapy lilac has a great impact on the nervous system as it is relaxing and useful in curing insomnia. Learn from chromo therapy and buy a lilac Monster, the perfect antidote against the crisis of 2009.

Blue purifies the blood and has a marked effect on the mind, inducing intense mental concentration. It is a very cold colour that transmits calm and refreshes. Blue moderates and tends to dilute every day problems. Just as a blue outfit calms the wearer, a blue Monster calms the rider.

Representing intellect, truth, fidelity, constancy, azure-blue is the colour of great depth, the female principle. In oriental philosophy it represents the sky, for Italians it is also the sea and it is from this that we get the name Mediterranean blue. Azure-blue gives the Monster a youthful appearance and is perfect for those looking for calm and serenity.

In oriental cultures orange is associated with love and happiness, in the tradition of Ducati it is linked to the Scrambler, the unforgettable Ducati of the 70s. It is the colour of growth, symbolic of the rising sun and of joy. Orange has, according to chromo therapy, a liberating action on the physical and mental faculties and helps to integrate and distribute energy, inducing serenity, enthusiasm, happiness, joie de vivre and optimism.

An elegant and precious colour that comes from a plant considered sacred by the ancient Greeks. It has its origins in the Greek amarantos that means “does not wither”. Hence the

colour of friendship, of reciprocal esteem, of sentiments unchanging over time, eternal and unique. In ancient Greece purple was used to gain protection and benevolence, the Romans believed it could prevent bad luck. The purple Monster is a union of elegance and tradition… and it brings luck!

A noble colour, full of grace and value and rich in the Ducati racing tradition. It is strikingly elegant and distinctive. It is a refined colour, for those who want to be noticed. Created with a special varnishing technique, it gives the Monster a particularly polished look.

Representative of all that is precious, divinity, the sun, illumination and richness. It reflects the while light that lands on it, enlivening all that surrounds it, regenerating the organism and clearing the mind. It is the ideal choice for those who want to make their Monster truly unique: with a Ducati Monster in Pure Gold it is hard to be just one of the crowd. This colour too is created with a special varnishing technique.

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MV Agustas Brutale on Tour this Weekend

MV Agustas Brutale on Tour this Weekend

The MV Agusta factory are doing a European wide Official Tour with the Brutale and are coming to London at the Alexandra Palace this weekend 21st and 22nd March.

You will have the choice of a Brutale 989R or a Brutale 1078RR for a fun day out with fellow enthusiasts, comparing performance and opinions on the most prestigious and fascinating motorcycle in the world.

Location –  Alexandra Palace London, UK 21st – 22nd March 2009

Register immediately for the Brutale on Tour, an exceptional opportunity to test ride the bike of your dreams and book test-rides via MVs mini-site –

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Ducati – New Year arrivals for Monster 1100S and 1198

Ducati – New Year arrivals for Monster 1100S and 1198

The new flagship Monster and 1198 has now arrived at dealerships throughout the UK.


Ducati UK is pleased to announce that the new Ducati Monster 1100S and 1198S have arrived at all 31 Ducati dealerships throughout the UK. The Monster 1100 and 1198 hailed throughout the media since their respective launches are now available to test ride at Ducati outlets nationwide.

The arrival of the new 1100 S is the latest addition to the successful Monster family that includes the Monster 696, the quickest selling Monster in UK history, and the new 1100S and soon to follow ‘standard’ 1100 are expected to follow in a similar vein.

The Monster family redefines the naked sector and reinforces its claim as a design icon unmatched by its competitors and dedicated to those who want the ultimate expression of style and performance.

The new bike fuses MotoGP technology with the Desmosedici RR inspired rear subframe and the traditional characteristics of the 95hp two-valve 1100cc Desmodromic twin-cylinder engine. With its new single-sided aluminum swingarm, high level of componentry, race-oriented chassis and 15 years of evolution, the Monster 1100 now takes its place at the head of the Monster family.

The 1198 takes over from the incredibly successful 1098 that won awards and broke records as the fastest ever selling Ducati in the UK. The 1198 is expected to consolidate the success of Ducati’s aspirational Superbike and has already been acclaimed for its technological innovation and enhanced performance. The 1198S boasts Ducati’s race evolved traction control, Ducati analyzer, an increase in horse power to a powerful 170hp and a dry weight of just 171kg.

The Monster 1100S and 1198S will be on display at the MCN London Motorcycle which takes place at Excel between the 29th January and 1st February. Ducati UK can found on stand number N120.


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Ducati UK are pleased to confirm that they have received their last delivery of the Desmosedici RR, with the last few owners taking delivery early in the New Year.

Many owners are using their Desmosedici’s daily on both road and track and we are delighted that this fabulous bike is being used as it was intended. The Desmosedici RR won the coveted Machine of the Year at the 2008 MCN Awards in November which highlighted the importance of this ground breaking and stunning motorcycle.

Given the fantastic response to this bike one or two dealers have taken the opportunity to order a bike for stock and there are just a handful still available. For more details on availability please contact Ducati UK on 0845 1222996 or email

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