Arch KRGT-1

Posted 23rd November 2018

A performance bruiser with Hollywood DNA.

Have you ever wondered what the perfect recipe for a new motorcycle is? We may have found the answer in the bonkers Arch KRGT-1.

A performance cruiser in every sense, this 2032cc V-Twin beauty is built to perfection using the very best parts that money can buy.

The fuel tank is milled from a quarter ton lump of billet aluminium, the wheels are carbon fibre and the forks are the latest race spec springers from Ohlins. Each and every KRGT-1 is custom finished to the exact specification of the customer, if sir would like a bright blue seat made from sustainable fake Ostrich eyelids, then that is what sir will get.

Not only can you choose the finish, but the ergonomics will be tailor made just for you. The seat will be sculpted around your bum and the bars will hang exactly where you want them.

With that big inch S&S motor, you’re guaranteed an exciting ride on the KRGT-1, whether you’re cruising the coast in California (where they’re made), or pottering to work on the North Circular.

Like all good recipes, there’s a secret ingredient in the Arch. The KR in the name stands for Keanu Reeves. You know, that guy off the Matrix that really, really likes his dog.

Keanu is a passionate biker and worked hard with custom bike builder Gard Hollinger to create a range of exclusive bikes that do a pretty good job of making you feel as cool as Keanu actually is. Buying the bike grants you access to ridiculously cool ride outs with Keanu and Gard, taking in MotoGP races and generally living it up.

Sounds too good to be true? Well it’s not, it’s so real that we spent some time with the bike in London at the UK launch, chatting to Bill (or is it Ted?) via a live link. At around £88k It’s expensive, but you get what you pay for. Check out for more info.