Ducati Multistrada 950S

Posted 5th March 2019


Ducati took a bit of a punt on the long legged go anywhere adventure style market back in 2010 and it paid off. The Multistrada has been a best seller for the Italian premium brand and has grown the market share for our Italian friends.

When the 950 variant was released two years ago, it was slightly overshadowed by the larger 1200 model. Not anymore.

We’ve just spent a couple of days riding the new 950S model in Spain and it absolutely rocks.

The 937cc L-Twin motor packs a 113bhp punch, but it’s the instant torque that stands out. Coupled with active suspension, cornering ABS, multiple riding modes and a host of clever tech’, we get the feeling that Ducati don’t just want a slice of the adventure bike action, they want the whole pie.

The brakes are nothing short of amazing, giving assurance that you can scrub off speed before carving your way into corners. Taller riders can opt for a taller seat while still making use of the easy peasy to operate the standard fit windscreen.

LED lights talk to clever sensors in the bike and when you lean into a curve, extra lights brighten up the inside of a corner, increasing rider confidence and safety.

Over the course of our 250 mile ride, we wanted for nothing. The Multi was comfortable, entertaining in the corners and punchy everywhere. We even like the swanky grey paint, which will cost you extra over the standard red option.

The base model 950 costs £11,755 but it’s this grey S model with the extra touring pack that we’d go for. Ducati has raised the bar with this machine and while it might appear to be expensive when you first look, a test ride who’ll show you that it really is worth every penny.