Ducati Multistrada Enduro

Posted 16th November 2018

The Ducati Multistrada Enduro is a big bike, plain and simple. There’s no point buying one and then moaning that it’s too big, but that’s what some of you have done. And so, for 2019, the Multistrada Enduro is actually a bit smaller than the current model. Lower pegs, bars and a range of seats means that getting on one will be easier for more of you. There’s less suspension travel at either end as well, you still get 18.5cm to play with which was more than enough for our 70km off road test route in Florence, Italy. Multiple rider modes, active suspension, a quick shift gearbox and a host of safety aids are all on hand to make you look and feel like a hero in the dirty stuff. Neither weight nor size were ever an issue. We all know there are pretend adventure bikes out in the market that would struggle with much more than bouncing up a kerb and a ride across the local football pitch, trust us when we say this bike is not one of those.

Road manners are equally as impressive. Handily the Multi has been homologated with two separate Pirelli Scorpion tyres, one knobbly (the Rally) and a smooth road friendly one (the Trail). With the smooth tyres fitted, along with a taller adjustable screen and huge panniers, we felt like we could have ridden all the way back to Blighty on this bike.

Our pick of the two would be the Sand coloured one with the touring pack fitted. At £19852 it’s not cheap, but we’re sure you get more than you pay for with this one.

The 1260 Multistrada is a serious piece of kit in every respect. It is the most technically advanced adventure bike we’ve ever ridden. Picture our 2018 Motorcycle of the year (the Ducati Panigale), but with longer legs and more room for sandwiches in the panniers. That’s how good this bike is, get a test ride booked and see for yourself.